Yes, we have your favourite colour

Whether you want your hoop sleek and smooth or splashy and sparkly, we can make one that’s perfect for you

Same flow space, smaller footprint

New EcoNinjas are made from recycled plastic and pack small for big adventures!

Add sparkle and spin to their next birthday

You supply the kids, we’ll bring the hoops and the dancing!


10 ways to be a festival-friendly hooper

It’s festival season! That mean it’s time to spin under the sun to enchanting beats alongside friendly faces and curious strangers.  Hoops can be a delightful addition to a festival scene, the fluid (and sometimes awkward) movements of hoopers give other dancers the permission to move freely, and hoops are a beautiful way to fill […]


Tips for Smoother Cycling

This isn’t a hoop-post, but I think it’s still important since so many local hoopers are cyclists!  If you’re new to city biking, stop right now and check out this video : How to bike in the city (tips for the bicycle curious) Not all bike riding is a leisurely pedal through the park with […]