We Live Well Rounded

We’ve noticed that the more we move, the better we feel. And the more we laugh, the more smiles we spread. We play as hard as we work and multi-task with beautiful beats and playful breaks. We smile at strangers. We schedule time for fun. We fight the good fight against the winter blues and do all we can to warm the chill of an urban jungle.

We want to help you live Well Rounded too. We want to inspire you to create more joyful moments and invite more opportunities for play into your beautiful life.  We want to help you have fun, feel good, learn new things and cultivate more appreciation for your awesome self.

And we’re going to use a hoop to do it.  A single, small and simple circle that has the potential to spin you into a new world of wellness and community and delight.

Are you ready?!

Hooping is filled with colour and sparkles and beautiful moments.

And it’s also:

  • Great Exercise. The time flies and the sweat pours from your body as you dance to your favourite music, unaware that this joyous time is a workout
  • Fun.  Anyone can learn to hoop given the right sized hoop and a few minutes of determination! We love to teach people to hoop, it brings out bright smiles, wide-eyed surprise, and giggles from your inner child! Once you learn to hoop, it is easy to teach your friends, spreading joy with every rotation.
  • Dynamic. We lead busy urban lives where our role changes from moment to moment. Our hoop changes with us – it grounds us on our hectic days, gives us company in the park, reminds us to exercise and enjoy our bodies, comforts us in sadness, spreads smiles to friends in need, celebrates the present, and revs us up for a hot date!
  • Creative. Hoops give a clear space to expand and move within, while encouraging creativity in this moving bubble. Hoops are especially powerful for helping shy people find confidence and comfort at social events.
  • Addictive.  Learning a new trick transforms the impossible to the possible!  Even after years of spinning, hoopers still find new ways to move, new ways to whip the hoop around, and new ways to reach flow states


Sadie in Trinity Bellwoods Park, by Julien Fontaine

Owner, Founder, Email Wizard “Sadie Spins” Yancey discovered hooping in 2006 at a festival and immediately began teaching so that she’d have company to hoop with. In 2008 she started Hoop Toronto, and in 2010 rebranded to Well Rounded Hoops to reflect that hooping is just one component of a balanced life. Hooping helps her stand tall, breathe deep, open up and chill out.  Hooping gave her something to occupy her fidgety side on afternoons in the park, indulge her introversion at music festivals, and balance her love of food.

Sadie has migrated westward to Nelson, BC.  She teaches locally and performs on very special occasions.


mobot vesica piscis - by sasha hoops
Performer, Facilitator. Mobot is an urban planner and policy-wonk by day, circus kitten and hula hoop addict by night. She sees circus and urban planning as tightly linked and is always looking for fun, new ways to animate public spaces and connect with other urbanites through art and movement. She loves that hooping never ceases to offer countless challenges to her coordination and creative process while, at the same time, providing a meditative space to relax and focus on feeling healthy, strong, and beautiful.

Mobot lives in Edmonton, where she hosts Silent Flow Jams and the occasional workshop. You can find more about Mobot at her facebook page.

Isabella Hoops

Kiki the Clown

Isabella as Kiki the Clown

Master of Parties, Performer. Isabella combines a lifetime of performing, a BFA in Acting, an Education degree, with her superb hoop skill. The result? Stunning performances, detailed costuming, and kids birthday parties full of laughter. You can find out more on her website

Isabella is currently in London, working with Flame Oz.



Head Elf. Gray is a defiant hoop elf with a keen sense of colour and balance and is the master of crisscross taping. He also fixes bikes, designs knitwear, and hunts for herbs.


Former Well Rounded Hoopers

In 2012, Mandy left WRH to start her own business – Sugar Hoops. She now hops between TO and NB, teaching classes and selling hoops.

Elana has dove into writing, beauty and exploring sensual living. Check out her facebook page for more details

Lindseed continues to ground and inspire through her yoga classes at Kula. She’ll still teach you to hoop if you ask nicely.