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Hoopnotica Minis DVD Level 1

 The post was written by Mandy Harvey of Sugar Hoops. You can find out about her weekly classes, special events, bachelorettes, and other offerings at I have always been a lover of fitness DVD’s ever since I can remember. Growing up in a small village, I didn’t have the opportunity to try dance or […]

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On the cover in Osoyoos

I was passing through Osoyoos, BC and spotted hoops on the cover of their Visitor’s Guide!  My hosts say they’ve never seen hoops before, though I’m surprised because the beach-climate and wine-culture would go perfectly with hooping!  

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I am the MASTER of this song!

Sadie hears a played-out song that changed her view on these too-familiar tunes. I was at an ecstatic dance jam, the second of the week led by the same glorious facilitator – Bernice Rabbis.  I was dancing along, exploring the texture and feeling of the songs, exploring the space and my body, when BOOM! My […]

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Warming Up Bodies and Seasons

During my morning walk I reflected on this in-between season, where there are days with hot summer breezes and days with frigid flurries.  I got to thinking about the link between winter-spring transition and the warm up at the beginning of exercise/dance/fun-jumpy-times. It’s important to warm up! We all know this, we’ve been told so […]

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The learning process

Sadie’s reflections on learning a new skill One of the things that brings us hoopers together is the shared learning experience.  To carry a hoop means you’ve tried and failed and picked it up again. To carry a hoop means you’ve surprised your friends, made up new moves, hit yourself in the face, been a […]

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Hoop Path Week Toronto: Earthquaker Tour! March 15-17 and March 22-24, 2013

Hello Hoopers! The moment you’ve all been waiting for… Baxter returns to Toronto with his new offering, the Earthquaker Tour! Join us in March as we dive deep into the Hoop Path mythology. ***UPDATE*** There will now be a single mid-week class offered! For those who cannot commit to a full weekend, or are interested […]

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Intro to Poi (for Hoopers!)

Introduction to Poi (For Hoopers) Saturdays 4:00 -6:00 pm ***NEW*** 4 Week Session starts February 2nd Taught by Mobot at The Dovercourt House We’re going to shake things up a bit around here at Well Rounded Dev.  Mobot is excited to bring to you an introductory poi series!  In this four week session we will cover off all of the […]

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Hoopers Who Inspire – 3rd Edition

The post was written by Mandy Harvey of Sugar Hoops. You can find out about her weekly classes, special events, bachelorettes, and other offerings at KAYLA INSPIRES US! Kayla Waymark is a 27 year old Toronto woman with an inspirational story to share. Find out how a sales woman by day and makeup artist […]

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Healing & Hooping

One of the best things about our hoop community is the variety of people and diversity of interests.  Elana Millman, our East side hoop dance teacher, is also an experienced Holistic wellness therapist specializing in Whole foods Nutrition, Lymph Drainage Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Lifestyle counselling, Energy work, Crystal, Colour therapy and more. She is […]

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Harvest Festival Prep!

This isn’t hoop-focused, but I know there are at least a dozen hoopers going to Harvest Festival this coming weekend. It’s electronic music and camping and dancing in the sunshine and sculpture-filled land beneath fall leaves.  It’s known for it’s warm, friendly daytime vibes and it’s cold nights. Here’s their official packing list….. THINGS YOU […]

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