Butterflys! Lighter Travel Hoops

Butterflys! Lighter Travel Hoops


Lighter, faster, collapsible Butterfly Hoops!

These 36″ hoops are great for hand hooping, and for experienced hoopers who want to move faster!  They twist-down to half their size, so they look like two 18″ hoops when on adventures and scooting around town.  Butterfly hoops morph to portable or full-size in a minute, and can be carried over the shoulder, between purse straps, or inside a suitcase.

Kids also love these! The smaller size is perfect for smaller bodies! These are great for kids age 5 – 11 years

Each one is custom made, so you can pick your favourite colours!  We usually tape these with one sparkle and one grip tape, with a strip of grip tape on the inside to keep them feeling smooth after years of folding.  Let us know your favourite colours on the checkout page, or contact us to help you choose!

You can expect to have your hoop in 1-2 weeks. Butterfly hoops come with a 1 year warranty and will last much longer than that if you take care of them!



These hoops ‘twist down’  to half their size. Think of those shades you stick to your car window!

These hoops are lightweight –  half the weight of our ninja hoops – which means they move faster on the body, and are easier on the hands when hand hooping.  Their smaller size also opens up new trick potential – isolations, jump thrus, body rolls and tosses!  Multi-hooping with 2, 3 or 4 is also easier with these lighter hoops.

If you’ve never hooped before – go for the Travel Hoops.

Please store your butterfly hoop as a full circle!  You can slide it under your bed, against the wall behind your desk, or hanging from a single nail on your wall.

Because of their twisty nature, these hoops may take a few minutes to get them perfectly round after opening, especially if the hoop is left in a hot car, opened in cold air, or has sat folded for a long time.  As you use the hoop, the tubing will soften and your rounding technique will improve and the rounding will only take a few seconds.



Additional information

Weight .370 kg
Dimensions 49 x 49 x 6 cm

Favourite 36", Custom 27-36"