Eco-friendly Travel Hoops

Eco-friendly Travel Hoops


All the convenience of our Travel Hoops, with a cleaner conscious!

These hoops are the same size, weight, and quick-folding construction as our Lightweight Travel Hoops. These Ecotravel Hoops have an added green bonus – they are made with 100% post-consumer material and are #2 recyclable.

Or, maybe you’re looking for a hoop with intense, longer lasting colour? These hoops have deep purple colour all-the-way-through the tubing, so scratches are less obvious than with sparkle tape.

If you’re looking for quicker, lighter hoops made with the same recycled tubing, check out the options in high performance hoops

Our collapsible hoops fold to the size of a yoga mat and pop open with a shake!  These hoops are 4 pieces connected with a bungee cord, with no push buttons or pieces to lose.  Their portable nature makes them great for traveling – whether to a festival, the gym, a tropical paradise, or to a backyard on the other side of town.  These hoops are also good for keeping a low-profile in the urban jungle; they’re easy to conceal and they nuzzle up against your back as you move between hoop sessions in the park and grocery store lineups.

The EcoTravel hoops are available in our most popular diameter – 42″.  We find that this tubing gives a tighter fit than usual – which gives a better hooping experience but takes a little longer to open and close.


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You can expect to have your hoop in about 2 weeks, sometimes sooner if you’re in southern Ontario and have good timing.

Please<strong> store your travel hoop as a full circle</strong>!  You can slide it under your bed, against the wall behind your desk, or hanging from a single nail on your wall.  We will repair or replace any breaks free of charge within the first year.

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 90 x 8 x 8 cm



Nothing, Inside Grip, Sparkle and grip


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