BIG Travel Hoops

BIG Travel Hoops


For those who like a slower groove, we offer these extra-large “smooth like buttah” Hoops.  These 57″ hoops move so smoothly that they slow down time. They collapse to the size of a yoga mat, just like the Classic Travel Hoops but with 6 pieces instead of 4.

We love them on lazy days in the park, for reggae grooves, slow shoulder hooping, breathing deeply, and to balance all the technical work we do with tiny hoops.The extra-large size is great for extra-large hoopers, including curvy ladies and tall dudes.  These hoops can also be used for tandem hooping (2 hoopers + 1 hoop = 1000 giggles).

We prefer them in untaped white with a strip of grip tape on the inside, over time the tubing will get beautifully scratched up.  We can also sparkle them up!

By default, we’ll make a 58″ hoop with our heavyweight tubing. If you’d prefer, we can make a 63″ diameter hoop, or make either size in lightweight tubing (its tighter joints are better for flipping and flinging the hoop).  If you’d like either of these options, please tell us in the ‘Order Notes’ during checkout


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You can expect to have your hoop in about 2 weeks, sometimes sooner if you’re in southern Ontario and have good timing.

Please store your travel hoop as a full circle! You can slide it under your bed, against the wall behind your desk, or hanging from a single nail on your wall. We will repair or replace any breaks free of charge within the first year.

Check out Eric and his Buttah hoop…


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Weight .961 kg
Dimensions 85 x 10 x 10 cm

Just a little grip, Full Sparkle!