Hoop Services

Hoop Services

Does your hoop have that… not-so-fresh feeling? 

We get it – you’ve been on many adventures together, hooped on beautiful beaches, and shared your hoops with kids at your local street festival. You love your hoop...but... it’s sticky and scratchy and not as nice to hoop with.

We can fix it!  If you live in Toronto, email us to revive your old hoop.

We can make it look and feel newer…
Refreshing a hoop (removing and replacing the grip tape, patching some sparkle) = $20

Retaping a hoop (when the hoop is already untaped, or is smooth enough to be taped over) = $20

You can also try scrubbing the hoop with soap+water+essential oils to freshen it up on your own!

We can make it smaller
Shrinking a hoop (all hoops except ninjas) = $20

Turning a kids hoop into a collapsible butterfly hoop = $10

Turning a solid hoop into a ninja hoop = Sorry, it’s too hard. Maybe it’s time to give away your old hoop and get a travel hoop for yourself?

We can fix that break…
(ya know…that time you took your hoop scuba diving and worked on passes with a shark…or the time your cousin used it as a pogo-stick…)

Repairing a break, or replacing a joint or the bungee, within first year = free

Repairing a break, or replacing a joint or the bungee, after first year, or repairing hoop by other manufacturer =$10-30



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