Travel hoops with no push buttons!

We Live Well Rounded

We’ve noticed that the more we move, the better we feel and the more we laugh, the more smiles we spread.
We play as hard as we work and multi-task with beautiful beats and playful breaks. We smile at strangers. We schedule time for fun. We fight the good fight against the winter blues and do all we can to warm the chill of an urban jungle.

We want to help you live Well Rounded too. We want to inspire you to create more joyful moments and invite more opportunities for play into your beautiful life.  We want to help you have fun, feel good, learn new things and cultivate more appreciation for your awesome self.
And we’re going to use a hoop to do it.  A single, small and simple circle that has the potential to spin you into a new world of wellness and community and delight.

Are you ready?!