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With a goal and focus, over 200 people across the globe have joined our 30 Minutes / 30 Day Hoop Challenge. We are blown away by the response! You guys are the best! This is our motto for this challenge! -----> Where:  From Your House / The Park / Your Yard / In Class / Wherever you can / Anywhere in the World What: On September 1, 2012 we will be starting a 30 Day Hula Hoop Challenge. Our Goal: The goal is to hoop for 30 minutes for 30 days straight! We also want you to keep track of how many minutes you do each day as a bonus. September is an awesome month to set intentions and we feel this is a great way to start! We have been logging our info on Facebook but you can log it here too if you don't have an account.  Please log your participation and time  each day and keep track of your progress. #1 goal is 30 minutes / day that can be broken up any way you like. #2 goal is to stay as hydrated as possible all month - hoop dance & water go together beautifully! #3 eat breakfast everyday!
We will also be encouraging people to let others know if you are going to the park or to hoop somewhere in case they want to join you (post here). We want to encourage and support one another throughout! Also, if you are working on specific tricks etc...share that with others! we sometimes need a little more inspiration and that is where we can really help one another.We will have a big jam somewhere together to celebrate at the end - that will be announced later on in the month.
Please add your name and where you are doing your challenge from below.  All the best with your hoop challenge!

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  • Hey! Andrea from Guelph, ON hoopin’ it out everyday for 30mins.


  • Jen Fleming haling from Hamilton Ontario.


  • Charity from Memphis representin’ along with my other awesome ladies!


  • My name is Mandy and I’m doing my challenge from Toronto, Canada


  • I’m Angela and I am doing the challenge with Suzan McKenzie (not on FB) and we are both in Toronto, ON

    Angela Brayham

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