A day in the life of a Cosmo Girl


Did you see me give it a whirl on Cosmo TV? It was a super fun experience shared with some of my favourite hoopers. I wanted to give you an inside scoop on being on a Cosmo girl for the day. I got a call from Nicole, a producer friend of mine asking me if I wanted to do a segment for Cosmo TV.  What hooper would not want a chance to strut their stuff for the world to see? We set up a time and place and I arranged to have backup hoopers to join me in the fun. I would have liked to have 20 hoopers but the room, so generously offered by the Yoga Sanctuary, could only hold 5 of us plus the crew. Even with that, it was really squishy. I asked Nicole to give me the questions in advance so I can be prepared. It is not easy to be charming, articulate and hoop-tastic all at the same time. I got to the studio late (thank you Toronto) as traffic was particularly bad and there were no parking spots to be found anywhere at Yonge and College at 3:30 in the afternoon. Ugh. We only had 90 minutes before the next class was coming to take the room. The super-cute camera man set up their lights, mic’ed me (which was fairly difficult in a pink onsie) and I tried to steady myself. Being late is never a good way to start off. We finally got the shoot underway and from there, a whole lot went wrong. Oh showbiz… One of the mics was not working so Josie, the host and I had to fake our conversation and her reaction. It really threw me off. Additionally, Josie asked me questions that were not on Nicole’s list. Yikes! I really had to think of my feet. The lights in the room were so hot, I could feel my make-up sliding off my face. Shininess was not the look I was after. The backup girls in the change room were anxiously awaiting their turn. When they came in, there was barely enough room for us to hoop, never mind be the fabulous, sexy beasts we are. Nevertheless, we made it through with just enough time for the next class to come in. I was slightly anxious about how it would look but I am really happy with the result. Toronto hoopers, you make me proud. Thank you so much to Mandy Harvey, Naoise Hefferon and Rachel Ramkaran for your hoop skill and colourful outfits. Just so you know, my next Beginner class starts June 14 at 7:15 at Center of Gravity. Please spread some hoop love by letting everyone you know about the class and the awesomeness of hooping. We are going to take over the world... bahahaha! www.elanamillman.com

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