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Happy Holidays, Happy Firey Winter Sunsets, Happy Cookies Dunked in Chai! Happy Snowboarding, Happy Singing Christmas Songs When No One Is Around! In my heart-of-hearts, the best gifts are those that are handmade, and edible. Since not all of us have the time or baking skills to provide for all on our gifting list, I'm here to suggest gift ideas for hoopers and hoopers-to-be.  Each offering is made with love, locally, and will help the receiver keep a warm body and warm heart thru the winter months. $10 A Ticket to Electric Santa This Saturday we'll be celebrating the warming power of the hoop community, birthdays, and chosen family at Electric Santa! Come join us at The Fox and the Fiddle, 27 Wellesley, East of Yonge. It's only $10 when you email Mandy to be on the reduced list (mandy@wrhoops.com, put Electric Santa in the subject line). Starts at 9pm, and goes late! We have two floors - that's lots of space for dancing and hooping! Check out the lineup on the facebook event HERE And yes, there is lots going on this evening (including an event hosted by our friends at Suma), we hope you can join us at Electric Santa for a while.. for a dance, a drink, and a smile! $30-90 A hoop! Our retail locations have lots of hoops ready to go for grownups and kids, and we will be shipping out orders as soon as we get them! Special Edition Candy Cane hoops ($35) will be in stores Friday. For you super hoopers looking for super fast poly pro hoops, quick collapsing butterfly hoops, or double-trouble mini hoops, we can make one special for you and leave it at the store for easy pick up. If you need help choosing a hoop for your loved one, please let us know, we'll be happy to help! Or, you can buy a gift certificate for your favourite hooper and let them pick their size, hoop, and colours! (Reply for details) Our last day of making hoops is Monday, so the last day for a custom hoop order is December 18th. We'll deliver to the store of your choice on Tuesday! $102  6-week session of classes Our classes start again in the second week of January on east and west end, beginner and intermediate! They are great for friends who've been curious about hooping, for moms who need more laughter, and for anyone looking for more warmth, exercise, and joy this winter. We're happy to swap classes for one that better matches the gift-receiver's schedule NEW!! CLASS SPECIALS! We now are offering a discount for those of you taking several classes a week!  Taking class twice a week means more time to practice, more time to play, and more exercise too.  Also, taking two classes in a row means you can make the most of the night away from the kids! :) Enter the code 'hoopstar' for $10 your second class and 'superhooper' for $15 off your third! $180 Fire Hoop! A set of 5 quick wicks turns any hoop into a fire hoop! Great for intermediate hoopers, give it as a gift now and give them lots of time to practice before lighting up in the spring. Contact info@wrhoops.com for more details $200-300 LED hoop! Light up the darkness with a glowing bubble of fun. If your favourite hooper likes to dance in dark places, get them one of these so that they can hoop without being a dark danger to those around them. They also make a great bike light - it's the most sparkly safety you'll ever find :) Locally and immediately, you can buy one at Fairies Pyjamas, or contact Friendly Fire directly.  In the new year, Mandy will be collecting orders for lightweight hoops, stay tuned for more details. $450 -  A ticket to In Flow
Remember Ontario's first regional hoop retreat last year?  In Flow Festival is happening again!  Join us June 29 - July 1, 2012 for a weekend of pushing limits, exploring edges, and playing with new sensations will encourage us to grow and challenge us to integrate new techniques into our hooping and yoga practices.  This retreat is intended for all hoopers who are excited to expand their movement vocabulary and are open to personal explorations.  If you can hoop comfortably on the waist you are exactly who this weekend is intended for!  Please join us for a magical weekend filled with sunshine, smiles, spinning, fire, music, and FLOW.
We've had a few inquiries by those looking to purchase tickets for holiday gifts.  We are currently working to set up a new ticket system but I will be accepting email money transfers as of RIGHT NOW if you can't wait a couple more weeks.  Early bird tickets will be $450 with regular packages at $500 after April 1, 2012.  This package includes all workshops and meals (Friday dinner through Sunday dinner), cabin accommodations, and access to all retreat centre facilities.  Contact Mobot at missmobot@gmail.com to inquire about email money transfer options.
OK! That's all for now! See you Saturday! Remember to bring your hoop with you to family gatherings, it's a great way to get everyone feeling young and laughing together. With love and loops, Sadie

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