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A long-time super-sustained-spinning hooper put a call out to Facebook last week wondering about hooping's effect on the knees, and asking for advice from long-time spinners. Since I've had a few knee injuries and recoveries associated with spinning, I shared my experience with her and now I'm putting it here as an archive, or maybe it will be helpful for you! 1. go find a good physiotherapist that you jive with. It's helped me immensely to have someone to check my form and give anatomical insight 2. the knees are the 'weakest link' in our lower bodies, the muscles above and below need to be balanced to keep them happy. Pain in the knees for me means my quads/TFL/IT band are too tight. Rolling on a foam roller is a great place to start, sitting on a laX ball is another. 3. For SPINNING, turning in a circle, I have to be very cautious about how I'm rotating my foot (aka LEG) to initiate the turn. Be very conscious that when you turn your leading 'foot' out, that you are rotating from the BUTT. Keep your leg as a strong, stable unit. It's like a one-sided ballet turn out, from the glute med - not from ankle, knee (or sartorius). If you don't know how to engage your glute med, see #1. 4. Remember that hooping is very repetitive, so we are at risk of RSI all over. Make sure you give yourself a proper warm up and make time for a stretch at the end. And it helps to move your body in new, non-hoop ways too!

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