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harvest_headsThis isn't hoop-focused, but I know there are at least a dozen hoopers going to Harvest Festival this coming weekend. It's electronic music and camping and dancing in the sunshine and sculpture-filled land beneath fall leaves.  It's known for it's warm, friendly daytime vibes and it's cold nights. Here's their official packing list.....


  • drinking water (sadie adds - 10L for the weekend is good)
  • ear plugs
  • all your friends and their friends
  • food (cup, plate, eating utensils)
  • warm clothing (hat & gloves, rain gear, rubber boots are great)
  • flags and funky signs to let people know where you are in the campground
  • camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad etc...)
  • camp chairs
  • flashlight
  • sun tan lotion
  • all the positive energy that you’ve been saving up all year long


  • glass containers of any kind
  • fire works
  • pets
  • no stress, bad vibes or attitude
  • no passing out wasted
Harvest gets surprisingly cold at night. This is partially because we're going north, hanging out in the middle of the night, breaking our normal sleeping and eating routines, and being active when the dew hits. It's also because down in TO our bodies are still in summer get-rid-of-excess-heat mode and suddenly we're asking them to switch to keep-the-heat-in mode.  There are many spots to keep warm - on the dance floor and by the bonfire - and I thought I'd share some tips I've learned to keep warm and mobile away from these spots Tent - the smaller the better, because it's less air to warm.  Snuggle up with a friend for bonus warmth, and/or bring several sleeping bags.  Go on, be a princess! The sleeping pad that you lay on - that's there to keep you warm, so make sure you have one. Location - Get to the site early and camp on the highest ground you can, the dew falls hard and cold down at the end of the property. Clothes - Be cute AND warm with wigs, crinolines, and fun fur too! Of course the usual winter wear works too - wooly hats, scarfs, arm and leg warmers, and wool socks!  Layers keep us warm because of the pocket of air between layers, so bring layers of different sizes.  What I usually do is pack one mega-outfit - if I put on all my layers at the same time I'd be warm enough to snowshoe, but within this mega outfit is 2 or 3 independent outfits. Also worth pointing out is that skirts and leggings are warmer than pants, because they trap more air, and are easier to dance in!  Daytimes can be bikini-warm, so bring little layers too :) Tea - being able to make tea easily makes harvest fest warmer and if you have extra,  friendlier. Hoop - it's a great way to keep warm and find the funnest people at the fest :) Right now, rain is predicted for Friday and Saturday, so pack those rain boots, rain coats, and clothes for mud-sliding, and check the forecast by searching for Burk's Falls, Ontario I'll see you by the fire!

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  • Thanks Sadie!

    Some more…
    Don’t forget good, warm socks and your hula hoop(s)!
    A toque or scarf, if you’re cold sensitive can also make a BIG difference.
    A tarp UNDER your tent can help keep moisture out (though make sure to keep it tucked underneath, nothing sticking out).
    A butt mutt, if you smoke cigarettes.

    Apparently they will have a huge water tank available for people this year, YAY!
    Look forward to seeing you all by the fire or by the Pyramid!


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