Healing & Hooping

One of the best things about our hoop community is the variety of people and diversity of interests.  Elana Millman, our East side hoop dance teacher, is also an experienced Holistic wellness therapist specializing in Whole foods Nutrition, Lymph Drainage Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Lifestyle counselling, Energy work, Crystal, Colour therapy and more. She is serious about health (and hooping). If you have ever taken her classes, you know that she regularly does subtle adjustments on her students to help them to deepen their practice, open their bodies and release those niggley tight bits. She wants all hoopers to achieve sensational, glowing wellness in all aspects of life. In fact, she has offered a special deal just for Well Rounded Hoops.

$50- 30 mins. Mini-treatment includes a condensed assessment and focused treatment of your choice. (regular price $75)

$75- 1 hour Nutritional Counseling assessment, dietary advice, herbal and supplement recommendations, meal planning, food combining, snacks and alternatives. This session is specifically designed for you and your particular conditions. (regular price $135)

$150- 2 hours Full Consultation- 60 minute consultation and assessment including (as applicable) dietary advice, postures, breath work, herbal and supplement recommendations, crystal and essential oil recommendation, lifestyle counselling, a booklet on lifestyle and dietary recommendations AND 60 minute full body treatment based on your particular needs and concerns (regular price $225). Please check out www.elanamillman.com for additional information, testimonials and treatment options. Elana is located at Pape and Danforth. She is available for home and office visits at an additional cost. Healing and hooping are a perfect combination of a full and fantastic life!

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