Hoop Path Week tickets are on sale! - and sold out!


Hi there hoopers!
First - an update to this post! Tickets went up and the first weekend sold out in 3 hours, the second weekend sold out this morning! Whoa! I think that may be record time for a hoop workshop! For those of you who missed the tickets, on the plus side, you now have some hoop-money set aside that can go to the In Flow early bird tickets, they'll be on sale soon!
Tickets to the TWO Hoop Path intensive weekends in March are on sale now! Click here   for details and to purchase tickets ...and/or click here to join the associated facebook event If you want to be part of the weekend, buy soon, we will certainly sell out. Quick details: March 9-11 - Open Air - for all hoopers March 16-18 - Masters Class -for those with at least 9 hours of Hoop Path training (Open Air or previous workshops) Workshops will take place at the Dovercourt House, 6-9pm Friday, 2-6pm Saturday and 2-6pm Sunday. Right now, only full-weekend passes are on sale (11 hours for $160). Below is the announcement from Baxter. Let me know if you have any questions! ----------------------------
Hello, Toronto!
This is a quick note to let you that tickets for March's HoopPath stops in Toronto go on sale tonight!  Because we sold out so quickly last year and because so many of you have taken HP before, we are offering TWO workshop series.  The first weekend (3/9/12) will be my latest tour, "Open Air" which is based on the meditative aspects of hoop dance practice.
The second weekend (3/16/12), "The Masters' Class,"will be for those of you who have taken at least 9 hours of HP.  Obviously, you would all qualify, but if you have a friend that would like to come to the second weekend, they would need to attend "Open Air" the weekend before in order to qualify.
The "Masters' Class" will focus on advanced HP techniques and concepts as well as deeper forays into the Meditative Ways of Hoop dance.
The first set of tickets to go on sale will be passes for both weekends.  They will go on sale at 7pm tonight.
The Advanced price for both weekends is $300.  The idea is that you will come to all the workshops, but if you can't make all of them, you are allowed to sell your tickets to others.  Just keep in mind, that your tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE and that tickets to the "Masters' Class" can only be sold to students who qualify.  The Advanced price is the lowest price possible.
The second set of tickets to go on sale will be for the individual weekends.  The will go on sale at 9 EST.   The Advanced cost for those is $160.
Additional ticket options will open in the weeks following *IF* any tickets remain.  Not to put pressure on anyone, but last year HP: Toronto sold out in 2 or 3 days.  (We have only 25 tickets for sale)
If you would like to find out more about "Open Air" please check out this video link:
I have priced this event to encourage those who can to attend both weekends.  I think this is a really cool opportunity to have an amazing week together!
Thanks so much for reading!  Hopefully, I'll see some of you in March!

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