Hoop Path Week Toronto: Earthquaker Tour! March 15-17 and March 22-24, 2013


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Hello Hoopers! The moment you've all been waiting for... Baxter returns to Toronto with his new offering, the Earthquaker Tour! Join us in March as we dive deep into the Hoop Path mythology. ***UPDATE*** There will now be a single mid-week class offered! For those who cannot commit to a full weekend, or are interested in getting a taste of what Hoop Path is all about, this is the option for you. Wednesday, March 20, 2013 First Floor, Dovercourt House 7-10pm $60 Tickets will be on sale with the weekend passes this Friday, February 1 at 10am. *************** Dovercourt House, 805 Dovercourt Road, Third Floor, Toronto, Ontario "EarthQuaker" Fri. 2013-03-15 (6:30-10pm) Sat. 2013-03-16 (2-6pm) Sun. 2013-03-17 (2-6pm) "Myth and Way" Fri. 2013-03-22 (6:30-10pm) Sat. 2013-03-23 (2-6pm) Sun. 2013-03-24 (2-6pm) You *must* have completed at least 9 hours of HoopPath to be eligible to enroll in the second weekend, "Myth and Way." If you are coming to "EarthQuaker" then you are invited to join us for the second weekend even if you have not previously attended. Both Weekends = $275 One Weekend = $150 Tickets will be available here on February 1, 2013 at 10am: https://www.etix.com/ticket/online/venueSearch.jsp?venue_id=5935&cobrand=hooppath

Tickets will sell out FAST for this one!


Some words from Baxter...

The EarthQuaker Tour

It's touring season, again! I'm rested and ready to hit the road and share with you my latest offering, "EarthQuaker." I know a lot of you are like me and you usually scan through these types of things, so I'm writing this in a way that will become progressively more detailed as it goes on. I don't expect that most of you will read all of this, but I am making an effort to provide as much information as I can so that people can spend their time and money wisely on my workshops. Each year I have different foci for the upcoming tour. These foci are spread out among four categories: Core, Touch, Music, and Meditative. Ideally, the four foci are like the corners of a metaphorical pyramid, and the trajectory of each of the four points converge. This year's foci are: (for details, see below) Core Technique Focus: Footwork Touch Technique Focus: Folding Music Focus: HipHop Meditative Focus: Earthquakes and Rebuilding LAST year's foci for the "Open Air" tour (for comparison) Core Technique: Rolling/Bouncing Awareness and Quadrants Touch Technique: Point Music Focus: House Meditative Focus: Using Honesty to find yourself Workshops are 3-4 hours each. My Credentials: I have been hooping well over ten years, practicing hoop 2 hours a day almost every day for most of that time. I have been teaching hoop dance since 2005 and sustaining myself financially from hoop instruction alone for over 5 years now. Last year, my "Open Air" tour sold over 1200 tickets, not including one-offs, special classes or the annual HoopPath retreat. Over my time in the hoop Community, I have literally taught thousands of hoopers. My specialty, I guess, is helping students find and develop their flow. "EarthQuaker" workshops are designed to be taught across three days, usually Friday night and Saturday and Sunday afternoons. It is recommended, if realistically possible, that students take all three days and schedule the weekend so that the workshops are the main activity. The reason is that the workshops and the presence of other hoopers combine to create very powerful experiences. If you are like 85% of my students, you will most likely want some time to rest, think, and stare out the window that weekend as your mind processes all of it. Also, on most stops, we be going out afterwards to get to know each other. Ticket prices: I have utilized ticket discounts in the past that were designed to encourage friends to come together. (These were called, "Bring-A-Friend" discounts) However, after much reflection, I have decided to offer that price to EVERYONE regardless of their number of hooping friends. Many of you are being really brave in just getting out of the house, and I don't want you to have to pay more because you're flying solo. So, the prices I have for this tour will be set at: $150 for all three days $120 for 2 days $65 for one day **When tickets go on sale for an event, I sell Three Day passes first, then (if tickets remain) 2 Day passes, and then finally Single Day passes. I will, like last year, offer a discount to those of you who are hardcore and want to hit multiple stops on the same tour. That discount is "Deja Vu" and it lowers the price to $120 for all three days. You have to have already gone to one "EarthQuaker" tour stop before you can use this code. "Open Air" attendance does not count towards this discount. Skill level: There is no prerequisite skill set required to attend any HoopPath workshop. However, the skills that we will work on at times are challenging for most hoopers. If you are new(ish) to hooping, there will most likely be sections that will be difficult. How you handle that difficulty is up to you. If you can handle challenge, then join us and we'll welcome you in as any other student: an equal. There is no rank in HoopPath: only a teacher and students. Physicality: HP workshops are physically intense. Only people who have never been before where jeans.  You will feel it on Monday. Your body will love you for it, though. HP weekends are a chance to do something healthy for your Body and Mind. There is an understanding, however, that any student can choose to sit out an exercise to recover or avoid an injury, without any judgement or pressure. Details about the Foci for "EarthQuaker": (Please keep in mind that these are merely points of emphasis, and not the only things we will work on.) Core Technique Focus: Footwork: I've worked hard on my footwork over the years and I've got some things to share with you that will hopefully help you get those feet moving. On the "Open Air" tour, we worked a lot on the "rooted" foot, but this year it's about freeing the feet so that we can move more organically in the hoop. "Core" refers to on-body hooping, in this case. Touch Technique Focus: Folding: "Touch" techniques refer to techniques designed to help us improve our dexterity and coordination with our hands and arms. Usually, these techniques are off-body, but not always. "Folding" is a technique of flipping the hoop along an imaginary set of axises. Last year, I was able to teach it at HP6 and a few times in Open Air stops, and the reception to it was very positive. Perhaps because of that, Folding is the most requested technique I have ever had for an upcoming tour. Again, please keep in mind, that Folding is just the emphasis for our Touch technique explorations and not the totality of it. Music Focus: HipHop Honestly, this is an example of 'giving the people what they want.' Two years ago, for my "DeepWater" tour, the music focus was HipHop, as well, and I received a lot of requests to bring it back in the next tour. So… Done! Just so we're clear, this does not mean that every song will have a rap in it. HipHop is a big genre and some of it's best offerings are instrumentals. I'm absolutely certain that I will play many different genres over the weekend in addition to HipHop. Meditative Focus: Earthquakes and Rebuilding The last two tours have led me to this this tour. Two years ago, the "DeepWater" tour was about allowing ourselves to experience the sometimes inspiring, sometimes terrifying, but always beneficial state of unedited and uncontrolled introspection opened up to us through movement meditation. The "Open Air" tour was about staying in touch with what we believe to be true at all times and in all in environments in order to integrate our inward and outward world experiences into one harmonious coexistence. The best way, therefore, for me to describe the "EarthQuaker" theme is build onto those ideas and to, also, borrow a template based on the comic book, "The Incredible Hulk." (I know, I know, I know, but I think this will get us to Understanding the quickest.) Let's imagine that out in DeepWater, underneath all of those waves of emotion, you discovered your mild mannered Truth at the bottom of it all. After some initial awkwardness, you realize you like your Truth and it likes you. You become good friends with it and you begin to look forward to visiting with it as much as you can. Your Truth begins to become more and more comfortable swimming up to the surface to be with you. Yet, as you and your Truth begin to know each other more deeply, your Truth begins to get frustrated that it isn't a greater part of your day to day life on the shore. Over time, Truth becomes agitated, even angry, when you are away from it or when you describe to it the places it cannot go with you. Restlessness ensues until, fatefully, it goes "Hulk" on you and comes ashore. Your Truth takes its strongest, most powerful form (it's Hulk form) and leaps mythically and heroically from the depths of your DeepWater, flying through the Open Air (the practice of being honest), and landing thunderously with all of it's green weight and mass, onto the ground, shaking the earth and rattling the windows for miles. Once it lands, your Truth (in its Hulk form) will most likely go on quite the rampage reducing buildings to rubble and creating momentary chaos. Yet, its destruction of the old, creates space for the new and this is a good thing. This is a light-hearted way to explain, in part, the EarthQuaker theme. It's like, we're going to allow our Truths to take 'Hulk' form, but in a very positive way. The anger of the Hulk is not directed at us or others, but at 'un-Truth' and its minions. In fact, any type of anger may not be necessary at all for us to become hulks. There are many types of Earthquakes, and the Hulk template does not apply to all of them equally, but it is a fun starting point for us to find each other.

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