Hoopers Who Inspire - 3rd Edition


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The post was written by Mandy Harvey of Sugar Hoops. You can find out about her weekly classes, special events, bachelorettes, and other offerings at www.sugarhoops.com KAYLA INSPIRES US! Kayla Waymark is a 27 year old Toronto woman with an inspirational story to share. Find out how a sales woman by day and makeup artist by night lost 25 lbs while having fun. WRH:  Kayla, what made you decide to take a hoop class? KAYLA:  I didn't know where to go to try hooping, though I had wanted to for years. I would see people around the city with hoops, but I always got shy when it came to asking about where they went to practice. I moved to the Bloor and Ossington area just after New Years, and Mandy's Monday Night class was around the corner. There was no excuse not to go, and I couldn't have been happier. That was 9 months ago, and I have been almost every week since. WRH:  When did you suddenly realize your health was improving?  what changed? KAYLA:  I eat a lot better than I ever used to, I try to eat as clean as possible. In doing so, I lost a tonne of weight and started feeling pretty proud of myself. It dawned on me that as awesome as I was feeling, I needed to exercise a lot more, so that’s when I picked up hooping. Almost immediately I noticed my stomach tightening, and my body changing. It's really encouraging to see that it's not just me either. I can see the success in the people who I hoop with weekly, and they are doing just as well as I am. We are shrinking and toning and smiling while we do it. It's a fact that you can't be grumpy and hoop at the same time. In my 9 months hooping I have lost 25lbs.  Yay me! WRH: What are your intentions going forward as a Hooper?  or as anything else? KAYLA: I have been hooping for under a year and look forward to keeping on keeping on.  Last summer I loved showing off the tricks I knew, and I hope by next summer I can show off even more! I look forward to the continued strength it is giving me in my stomach, back and my arms. I have recently participated in the Run For Your Lives obstacle course, and ran the Scotiabank 5k. In the New Year I am going to climb the CN Tower and I am running my first 10k in May. WRH:  Any advice for someone who wants to lose weight through hooping? KAYLA:  Find a class and go, or buy a real big hoop and put on whatever music moves you. I love taking my hoop to the park at the end of my street and rocking out to The Residents or Frank Zappa. Don’t think about anyone else around you, don’t worry about what you look like. Just take the time to focus on your self. Your body will thank you. WRH:  Congratulations Kayla on your success. Thank you for sharing your inspirational story with  us.  

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  • Kayla is my cousin and we are all so proud of her. I hope her story inspires others. Just wonderful, Kayla!

    Lori Beresford

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