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 The post was written by Mandy Harvey of Sugar Hoops. You can find out about her weekly classes, special events, bachelorettes, and other offerings at www.sugarhoops.com I have always been a lover of fitness DVD's ever since I can remember. Growing up in a small village, I didn't have the opportunity to try dance or fitness classes like I wanted to - so I bought DVDs. After speaking to some Hoopers recently, it came to my attention that there was an enormous group of people that had never even seen a hoop DVD or realized they existed. So as a service to my hoop friends in smaller communities without access to classes OR to those who want to hoop at home, I thought I would offer some info on what is available to you to from across the globe. There are many different perspectives on this growing movement art - I hope you enjoy!   Have you checked out the latest Hoopnotica Minis Level 1 DVD?  I have and I really liked it.   I didn't need much space and the workout is accessible to do in my small apartment which is perfect!  I love going to classes but I also enjoy working out at home on my own.  The toning exercises were creative and I enjoy the combos.  Although I do find I tend to stop the DVD and work on moves a bit longer, in truth, that is really what I bought it for.  It is a great resource and I'm visual.  The music was decent (for workout dvd music) which made it much easier for me to repeat sections. So if you were wondering if this video was any good? My opinion is:  I LOVE IT!  

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