How many hoops do you carry?


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Over the past few months I've enjoyed carrying just one hoop on adventures, near and far.  I've left my twins' and multis' and minis' at home and just brought one good-for-most-tempos hoop. I love that once I'm out in the park, there's no decision to make about which hoop, or how many hoops to use, cutting out one way I distract myself from the practice.  I love that it forces me to find more in each movement by using a hoop that's slightly bigger, or slightly smaller than what would be 'perfect' for the trick I choose to work on.  Most of all, I love that with only one hoop I can play as I walk, bag over my shoulder, tea in one hand and hoop in the other... multitasking with sparkle. What about you? How many hoops do you carry, and why?

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