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After a season of muddy adventures, hoops can get that not-so-fresh feel.  We know there's a temptation to replace the old, trusted friend with a new sparkly one, or to put off hooping until "after I have time" to retape it. Neverfear! There are many ways to revive your dirty hoop! Don't get me wrong - I love a well-worn hoop. I got misty-eyed at Shambhala this year when I spotted a Pixie Hoop that was wrecked - it was clear it had been well-used, well-loved, and had been on many adventures.  However, I do like to keep my hoops clean, and not scratchy, so that I'll be excited to use them when inspiration calls!

Wash it

Soap + water + scrubby sponge do a great job of revitalizing a dirty and dull hoop. Scrub gently and wipe with a clean cloth (that will become a dirty cloth). You can add a few drops of essential oil to the water for a "pick me up again" scent!  After teaching on a muddy lawn in front of City Hall this week,  my favourite hoop (3.5 years old!) had lost it's luster. Here's the hoop before and after a scrub:eeeyuckafter! bright again!

Add colour

Adding layers of colourful tape (and stickers!) can add a new flavour and brightness.  Visit your local hardware store to find many colours of vinyl (aka electric) tape and duck tape!  

(replace) Just the grip

We tape hoops with the grip tape on the outside to protect the sensitive sparkle tape from all the whacking and flinging.  Which means the grip tape grows more haggard with each adventurous adventure.  You can replace just the grip tape and the hoop will look bright, fresh, clean, and the sparkle comes back to the sparkle tape too! This is something you can do on your own - by getting grip tape from somewhere like HoopTapeCanada.com, OR you can have us do it. We'll take off the old grip and will put on fresh grip (any colour, $20). Here's an example, before and after (and yes, I untaped these hoops on the TTC): retape_beforewith new grip  

Complete Makeover

Retaping a hoop is a commitment that gives you a brand-new hoop!  It's an extreme step, but nice when a hoop is beat up AND you are into a different colour scheme.  The biggest part of this process is untaping the hoop - we're happy to retape your hoop ($20) but we won't untape it for you. Depending on the tape, the condition, the season, this can be a quick 10-minute mission  or a lesson in patience! The new layer of sparkle tape needs to be taped over a smooth surface because every bump is seen in the shine. Bits of glue and old tape are especially visible when covered with mirror tape, and less noticeable when covered with sequin or prism tape. Tips: Put on a good movie.  If you can freeze the hoop, either outside or folded up in your freezer, it will break down the glue and make the tape come off easier - soaking it in a warm bath will make the glue more sticky and icky. There's a super-toxic product called GooGone that works  well for this job! NEW discovery!  We do not have to fully remove the tape, we just need a smooth surface! This week I helped Kiki retape her butterfly hoops and I found a quicker solution! Kiki uses her twist-down butterfly hoops for stage and street and kids parties - she wants them to look nice AND these hoops go through a lot of bashing, smashing, and traveling.  This means she re-tapes them once or twice a year.   On this occasion, the tape that was on there was really really hard to get off - 3 hours to get half a hoop untaped.  While she spent these hours listening to a podcast and gazing at the mountains, I wasn't able to show the same kind of patience. Ah ha! Plan B! I sanded the hoop with rough-grit sanding block and we were able to tape over the old tape without removing it! [caption id="attachment_3930" align="alignleft" width="300"]wreckedHoop Before - hoops don't look good and the broken tape feels sharp[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3929" align="alignleft" width="300"]sandedHoop After sanding and removing pokiest bits[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_3931" align="alignleft" width="300"]After! Bling bling! After! The texture in fire opal hides the not-perfectly-smooth surface![/caption] [caption id="attachment_3932" align="alignleft" width="300"]The twins are ready for action! The twins are ready for action![/caption]   Whether you like your hoops worn or wonderous, clean or crusty, keep them spinning! Sadie  

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