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Healing & Hooping

One of the best things about our hoop community is the variety of people and diversity of interests.  Elana Millman, our East side hoop dance teacher, is also an experienced Holistic wellness therapist specializing in Whole foods Nutrition, Lymph Drainage Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Lifestyle counselling, Energy work, Crystal, Colour therapy and more. She is serious about health (and hooping). If you have ever taken her classes, you know that she regularly does subtle adjustments on her students to help them to deepen their practice, open their bodies and release those niggley tight bits. She wants all hoopers to achieve...

Well Rounded Hoops are now available in Halifax, Nova Scotia!


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We are excited to announce that Well Rounded Hoops are now available locally in Halifax, Nova Scotia! Yes folks - we are expanding and spreading the hoop love east. Introducing the newest member of the team - our Halifax Hoop Fairy: Leslie Knowles. Leslie is a radical eco-warrior, an ever dancing techno hippy who loves finding her inner peace in the middle of her hoop. She enjoys helping others achieve balance & well being, and spending her time in the sunshine - as long as it's outside where she can connect with nature. To contact Leslie to get your own...

A day in the life of a Cosmo Girl


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Did you see me give it a whirl on Cosmo TV? It was a super fun experience shared with some of my favourite hoopers. I wanted to give you an inside scoop on being on a Cosmo girl for the day. I got a call from Nicole, a producer friend of mine asking me if I wanted to do a segment for Cosmo TV.  What hooper would not want a chance to strut their stuff for the world to see? We set up a time and place and I arranged to have backup hoopers to join me in the fun....

In Flow Festival! A weekend retreat for hoopers

The community here in Toronto is buzzing after a fantastic March madness hoopstravaganza with Baxter and Beka.  The sun is shining and our bodies are opening up in the warm weather.  My thoughts have been drifting to visions of hooping barefoot in the grass... are you with me? If you're hooked on that hoop high and looking to connect more with the regional Ontario hoop community, do join us this summer at the 2nd In Flow Festival hooping and yoga retreat, June 29 - July 1, 2012.  There is so much fantastic energy in our hoop family, and this weekend...

Electric Santa - Dec 17th


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A Hoop Friendly Birthday and Xmas Spectacle! Celebrating the holiday season AND Johnny & Jordan's Birthday (two of our fabulous dj's)! Let's toast to a great 2011 of Hooping! $10 Advance Tickets