The possibility hiding behind "can't"


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Spider web from http://garden-by-the-sea.blogspot.comOn December 31st, 2011 I was watching a spider slide down a long string of web. The spider was so magnificently suspended in space. I said to my friend, "The web is so thin that I CAN'T even see it."The minute I said "CAN'T", my eyes focused in and focused in again to see the detail of the strong web fibre. I could see the web clearly in a matter of moments of adapting. This moment was a sweet message for my transition to the new year. So often we can fill the space before connection, realization, knowledge and true beauty with a perception of our own limitations. So often we fill the space before incredible growth with CAN'T. The invitation for me in this moment is to be willing to see more without expectations - but with a trust of possibility. This can feel vague, ungrounded, uncomfortable and scary when we stand in space - not knowing what is there for us or whether our time is well spent. This takes a deep trust that there is so much here for us. Just for us. Finding this spaciousness doesn't have to be a full time job. It can look like a simple stop for 5 breaths while walking in a familiar route in the city. It can look like picking up a hula hoop for 3 minutes on a dark winter morning and feeling the freedom that this movement can bring. Find the space and be willing to surprise yourself with the subtle beauty that is bound to unfold. There are opportunities in every moment to wake us up and invite us into a richer version of the lives we live. I believe our job is to listen a bit deeper, remember our unique sense of humour, and give tremendous thanks.

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