Tis the season... for buskerfests!


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Sadie here! I spent the last weekend in beautiful St Catharines, Ontario, a medium-sized city in the Niagara Region. Why's that, you ask? To feast on green peppers grown just down the road? To drink wine? No! Well...yes! And to entertain! Pyromeo and I headed down to participate in St Cat's first buskerfest! There were street acts from around the world, and some of the BEST in the world; my favourites were  Witty Look from Japan, Daredevil Chicken Club and Magic Brian from the US, Alakazam from Auz! Woweeee! So much talent and experience and energy and inspiration! I loved performing for the people of St Catharines, they were smiley and friendly and very much wanted to watch the fantastic acts all around. This weekend - I'm off to Port Credit for their 6th Buskerfest, and the weekend after that you can catch me at the Metro News booth at Toronto Buskerfest :) Come out and see some shows!

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