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We love the lightness and sharpness of high performance hoops, and certainly the super-sparkly super-sleek finish!  We love their oh-so-circular shape so much that we don't mind taking up extra space to keep them whole in travels around the city and into the forest. However, there comes in time in any hoop's life when it's time to go a big adventure.  For some, this means traveling through the postal system to get from the workshop to your house. For others, it means getting into a suitcase to join in the fun of a tropical mid-winter vacation, family reunion, or hoop retreat. High performance hoops can be collapsed to almost half their size, every once in a while.  It takes a little time and technique to collapse and to open the hoop, and this blog post is going to walk you through it!   Step 1: Pack it up! To collapse your hoop, gather some patience and some gentle strength. Make sure the hoop is at room temperature before starting.  You're going to coil it down on itself and it's better to go slow and steady than risk hurting this tough-yet-brittle tubing. poly-underbubbleEach hoop has a push-button connector so that it comes apart at one point on the circle.  Try using a key, a knife, or any other hard/pokey object to help push the button (straight!) down to allow the connection to slide apart. Once you get the hoop apart, coil it around itself.  If you're packing the hoop into a suitcase, put the hoop in first and pack your clothes around it. If you're not using a suitcase, use string or zip ties to secure the hoop to itself.  With care you will be able to get it almost to half its full size, with two pointy spots (like a kitty cat head or 'C' shape).   Step 2: Unwrap the hoop! If you order a pushbutton hoop from us, take off the bubble wrap and cut the zip ties, being careful to not scratch the tape.  You'll end up with a big squiggle. It's best to do this all on a soft surface - like carpet or hardwood. Fresh out of the mailbox!uhhh.. not so well rounded?   Step 3: Stretch it out! After being coiled down, your hoop will not be well rounded!  Just like you, your hoop needs a big stretch after a long journey. Using your body for leverage, open the circle BIG - wider than the hoop will be. unkink_stretch   Step 4: Round it out! Attach the push-button connection and examine your hoop.  Identify a point that has too much curve, and pull the hoop against your body to flatten it out. Be firm but gentle - it’s better to do many small adjustments than one big one. Twist, squish, and repeat until you’re satisfied! unkink_round   Step 5: Celebrate! Go hoop! pp_round      

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