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Your weight is connected to your lifestyle - what you eat, how much you move, how you spend most of your day. Hooping can be part of losing weight, many students have said hooping is the first time they've ENJOYED exercise, and to be successful also requires changes in diet and overall movement. Sadie suggests... - Do something first thing when you wake up. Hoop, run, walk the dog, stretch while listening to the radio. Moving first thing in the morning will help your body wake up and be more able to move as you go about your business throughout the day. With an active body, it's much easier to take the stairs, make it to class, and shake your booty while doing dishes. - Drink more water. Often dehydration masquearades as hunger, or munchies. Next time you're craving salty snacks, try drinking a full glass of water first. Sidenote: I love tap water. I believe we should all be drinking tap water and reminding each other that water is a right, not a luxury. Plus it has higher cleanliness standards than bottled water, and bottled water is tap water from somewhere else. Just saying. - Avoid white foods. White bread, white sugar, white potatoes, apples, bananas... most white things are high on the glycemic index, which means you'll experience a sugar high and sugar crash.  This puts you in a cycle for overeating and emotional roller coastering - Each more vegetables. Obvious and true. When you want the full feeling, when you want to crunch crunch crunch, go for vegetables. Store a bag of carrots in your fridge so when you open the door, you can ask yourself 'am I hungry enough to eat a carrot?' If yes, eat a carrot and then plan your food. If no, you're not really that hungry! In the past few years I have discovered using raw kale as a salad base: chop a bunch, drizzle with oil and a pinch of salt, massage until it turns soft and bright green.  It tastes better than lettuce, keeps longer in the fridge, and tastes especially good with fruit. - Eat more fat! Ever wonder how you can eat half a non-fat cake and still feel not full? The receptors that tell your body to stop eating are fat-triggered, so if you don't get enough you're going to always want more. Fat also helps curb sugar highs, smoothing out sugar lows! My favourit fats are from avocados, nuts, and seeds, especially blocks of pressed coconut (size of a deck of cards). - Enjoy and honour what you eat. Before your meal take a moment to reflect on the life, care, transportation and artistry that went into the food your about to eat. Thank the cow, thank the farmer, thank the butcher, than the store owner, thank your mom, thank your company. Eat slowly and enjoy each taste. If you want that extra-rich piece of chocolate cake, don't fall into the trap of getting the 'I'll be good' option, cause many times  they aren't any better for you and you'll eat more everytime you think of that missed cake opportunity. Eat the cake, make it your treat for the day, think about it while you're hooping that afternoon. Ooooh that icing! - Be nice to yourself. Avoid the guilt cycle and build a supportive cycle! Take care to verbalize good things about your body, no matter how small, because what you say shapes your world. When you wake up, thank your body for filtering your blood while you slept, thank your intestine for figuring out exactly what you need to get out of your food. Simple things like 'I feel great today' or 'I look fantastic in red!' or 'I'm glad I went to bed early' help form positive loops. And we all love positive loops! It doesn't make sense to struggle and hate yourself in the hopes that one day you'll be at that perfect weight and PING! self-love will kick in. That's not how it works - you can get in the habit of self-love now! - You are beautiful. I love your curves and your smile.  

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