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In Flow Festival! A weekend retreat for hoopers

The community here in Toronto is buzzing after a fantastic March madness hoopstravaganza with Baxter and Beka.  The sun is shining and our bodies are opening up in the warm weather.  My thoughts have been drifting to visions of hooping barefoot in the grass... are you with me? If you're hooked on that hoop high and looking to connect more with the regional Ontario hoop community, do join us this summer at the 2nd In Flow Festival hooping and yoga retreat, June 29 - July 1, 2012.  There is so much fantastic energy in our hoop family, and this weekend...

Hoopers have heart!


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Post by Elana Millman I have been hooping for 6 years. I have seen this community grow from a small pocket of former ravers and party kids with an ardent interest in something a little kooky to a tsunami- like force that incorporates all people regardless of age, size, race, gender, class. It is mind-blowing, inspiring and so beautiful. Despite all of the differences in hoopers, the practice of hooping creates a certain type of person. For the most part, hoopers are creative, gregarious, out-of-the-box thinkers who are not afraid to look a little silly in public. From what I...

The possibility hiding behind "can't"


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On December 31st, 2011 I was watching a spider slide down a long string of web. The spider was so magnificently suspended in space. I said to my friend, "The web is so thin that I CAN'T even see it."The minute I said "CAN'T", my eyes focused in and focused in again to see the detail of the strong web fibre. I could see the web clearly in a matter of moments of adapting. This moment was a sweet message for my transition to the new year. So often we can fill the space before connection, realization, knowledge and true...

Hoopers Who Inspire


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The post was written by Mandy Harvey of Sugar Hoops. You can find out about her weekly classes, special events, bachelorettes, and other offerings at www.sugarhoops.com PAM INSPIRES US! Pam Hickey of New Brunswick, Canada has earned praise as an inspirational hooper and here is her story: "My Name is Pamela Hickey, I am 37 yrs old and I have 2 daughters, 21 &19 yrs old & I'm going to be a Grandma!!! Very Exciting!!! My journey and love affair for the hoop started 5 yrs ago. I was overweight, depressed, and became single for the first time in my...

Beka tickets are sold out!

Hey Hoopers! We are so excited to welcome Rebecca Halls( aka Beka Hoop) to Toronto for 2 days of workshops!  She currently resides in Berlin, Germany - so don't miss this rare opportunity to train with her.  If you are opening yourself to learning how to dance in the hoop AND play with choreography AND have fun with it - this is the workshop you've been waiting for! Fancy Footwork – A Dance Focused Hooping Workshop Similar to contact improv and breakdance, Hoop Dance has evolved as a non-codified movement form based primarily on improvisation, with initial development happening in a “Jam” context. As...