Hoop FAQ

Here are our Frequently Asked Questions, with answers!  If you want to talk to a real person, read these first, then contact us so that we can answer your more challenging questions! [tabs style="boxed"] [tab title="about our hoops"] How long until I get my hoop? Depending on where you live, a week or two. We normally make hoops on Mondays, then it takes 1-3 days for shipping in Ontario, 7-10days to BC. [caption id="attachment_183" align="alignright" width="150"]This hoop is ready for an adventure in the mail system!! This hoop is ready for an adventure in the mail system!![/caption] How are these different than toy store hoops, and why do they cost so much more? The main difference is that these hoops are easy to keep up -- they are bigger and heavier than toy-store cousins - and this makes them much more fun to use for exercise, dance, or meditation. The cost reflects their durability; both our adult and kid hoops are are built to last for many seasons of real life, both outdoor and indoor fun. Each is hand-made locally with North American materials, then shaped and hand-taped with super sparkles and fairy wings by elves in downtown Toronto. What size is right for me? Bigger hoops are easier to 'hula hoop' because their slower momentum is easier to keep up with. Smaller hoops move faster and are better for tricks with the hands. Beginners start with a hoop that stands between belly button and sternum, you can measure yourself and compare to our standard sizes - 38", 42" and 46".  Our most popular 42" hoop is a good fit for most beginners. How much do your hoops weigh? A 42" travel hoop weighs ~450grams (heavy weight ~ 700grams). Our hoops are perfectly weighted to keep you moving through high-energy dancing and eye-popping tricks, with a smooth inner surface for comfortable hand, arm, chest, and knee hooping. What colours do you have? We have all colours, too many to list! Yes - we have purple, 7 types of purple sparkle to be exact. From firey to watery and fluorescent to stealth, let us know what you're feeling and we'll make a hoop up for you. You can send colours, images or ideas of what you are thinking. Some hoopers tell us exactly what they'd like, some give us a colour or a feeling (like 'orange and firey', or 'sexy, sultry purple on purple'), some will send a favourite painting, and some will tell us a story about a beautiful moment, or where they are headed with their new hoop! So many choices! How do I pick a hoop? Ahh. Tough one. There are many options here, we know. Whichever hoop you pick, it will be a good one. If you're new to hooping, your best bet is the 42" Travel Hoop, it's a good fit for most beginners. You can visit a retail location to try out a hoop and let serendipity help you choose a colour.  If you get hooked on hooping, as many do, you are going to want another hoop for a change of rhythm and to share with friends.  So don't stress too much about the colour, more hoops will follow! What if it breaks? We have a 1 year warranty on all our hoops, we'll fix the hoop if we can, and send you a new one if we can't. We do our best to make durable, long-lasting hoops that live through travels around the world, family reunions, and camping trips!  See the Hoop Care section for how to keep your hoop looking shiny and new. [/tab] [tab title="About Hooping"] ...Why? We hoop for exercise, for calming, for giggling, for learning, and for finding space in the crowded urban jungle. For different reasons on different days and many reasons at the same time.  See the about section for more on this.  Keep an eye out and you'll see hoops in many different places - exercise classes, city parks, music festivals and at cottages! Are you sure I can hoop? Yes. You just need the right size hoop! Many people we meet have tried a toy-store hoop and couldn't keep it up --and neither can we!  The hoops we make are larger and heavier which makes them easier to use, they move slower and guide your body how to move. Most people take a few minutes to learn with instruction, and less than an hour on their own. Is it a workout? Yes! Hooping can be a high-energy cardio workout that tones your core, arms, and hips.  More importantly, it's movement you'll WANT to do! Hula hooping relieves stress, promotes balance within your body and mind -  and it feels good.  You will look forward to your daily sweat, just put on your favourite music and rock out! [/tab] [/tabs]