Nearby Hoop Communities

Local Hoopers with Blogs!

  • Positive Spin - Local hooper Allison's blog about baking, hoops and creating positive spin.
  • Melodie in Motion - Melodie writes on hoops, personal growth, freedom, beauty and more.

Hooping Resources

  • - The center of the online hoop community. You'll find articles, videos, photos and links to local groups.
  • - A social network for hoopers.  This is a great place to go for new tricks and to chat with spinners all over the world.
  • In Flow Festival - Ontario hoop-centric event happening June 29-July 1 2012. Mark your calendars!

Hoop Companies We Love

  • The Hoop Path - Hoop teaching to guide you along your unique hoop path.  Known for blindfolded hooping, quick reverses and rigourous hoop technique, all combined with deep introspection. Baxter teaches intensive weekend workshops in Toronto each winter.
  • - The mothership for sexy, fun, fitness hooping. Christabel has been supremely involved in the spread of hooping, worldwide. Sadie is a Certified HoopGirl Instructor.
  • Synergy Fire Hoops - These are the only fire hoops we use! They are light and fast, and feel like regular hoops. Go to the 'More Hoops' tab in our store to buy their Quick Wicks
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    BIG THANKS to our Supporters

    • Fox Jones built the new site, made sure it worked and added lots of cool features
    • Violet Edwards designed the new look of the site including the logo, page layouts, graphics and architecture.
    • Leann Parker and Ritesh Das for their beautiful camera work
    • Mark Pemberton, Stratega Design, who created our business cards
    • Audra and the Dark Side Studio - Modern belly dance that infuses hip hop, modern dance and technique, technique, technique!
    • SPARKLES - these little tooth-gems keep our smiles sparkling. Love them.
    • Tad Hargraves and Marketing for Hippies provided marketing advice to help us get our words straight, without feeling slimey!
    • Cami Rahman, RMT, contact Octopus Garden for bookings

    Music we dig

    • medicineman - This man knows how to make music for dancers -- go to every live show you can! He hosts a weekly radio show of select cuts and global grooves on and posts it for download.
    • Podrunner - Free, hour-long mixes with a set BPM, intended for running but great for heart-pumping hoop sessions.
    • Soma fm - Many different radio streams, all hoopable! Listener-supported.