Sadie Spins

Sadie Yancey

Sadie hoop dancing in the park

Sadie in Trinity Bellwoods Park, by Julien Fontaine

Our beloved Founder at Well Rounded Hoops, "Sadie Spins" Yancey discovered hooping in 2006 at a festival and immediately began teaching so that she'd have company to hoop with. In 2008 she started Hoop Toronto, and in 2010 rebranded to Well Rounded Hoops to reflect that hooping is just one component of a balanced life. Hooping helps her stand tall, breathe deep, open up and chill out.  Hooping gave her something to occupy her fidgety side on afternoons in the park, indulge her introversion at music festivals, and balance her love of food. Sadie has migrated westward to Nelson, BC.  She teaches locally and performs on very special occasions.