Your New Hoop

Welcome to the circle! Do you have a new shiny hoop, or maybe a well-loved hoop borrowed from a friend, and you don't know where to start? We can help! This page starts with Hoop Care and Getting Started, scroll down for Hoops on the Goand Warranty

Hoop Care

Sharing your hoop keeps it healthy and full of magic -- hoops love to make new friends! To keep your new hoop looking shiny and new, keep it away from scratchy surfaces like concrete and asphalt. Especially around children and brand-new hoopers, move onto a soft surface like grass, wood, or carpet.  Also be wary of dads, they love to back-spin the hoop (the 'walk the dog' trick) and this will leave the hoop very scratched if done on a rough surface. To clean the hoop after muddy adventures, scrub gently with soap and water. Bonus - add a few drops of essential oil! To keep the hoop round, store collapsible hoops in their full circular glory, and don't leave them in hot hot cars. And... a well-used hoop is a beautiful hoop.  The most important thing is to get out there with your hoop, whether running out into the rain in your backyard or starting an epic road trip! Do what has to be done - let a toddler drag it around the parking lot and leave the hoop in the field for a week for others to play with.  Let the hoop look it's age!  

Getting started

First off - just try it! Bigger hoops are easier to keep up than you expect.  For tips on keeping the hoop going, check out this video:

Hoops on the Go

Here's a video with some tips on carrying your hoop around the urban jungle! There's lots of reasons to carry your hoop around town - to meet up with friends, to enjoy those fresh beats at a festival, or just to get to a space big enough to hoop expansively!  At first it will be a little awkward - like all new things - but you'll get the hang of it after a few trips.

If you have a collapsible Ninja hoop, you can just collapse the hoop and carry it on your back with a yoga mat strap, tucked into the side of your backpack, or under the flap of a messenger bag.  Watch this video for tips on folding a ninja hoop:

If you have a collapsible Butterfly hoop, you can twist it down, throw it over your shoulder, tie it to your pannier, or shove it into your suitcase!  Watch this video for tips on collapsing and opening the hoop, including tips on making it round: Here's a post on unpacking your polypro hoop  and tips for how to pack them for travel. unkink_stretch


If your hoop breaks, we want to fix it.  We can't fix the heartbreak of being hoop-less, but we can repair the hoop!  Letting us know helps you get back to dancing and also helps us improve our design! We offer a 1 year warranty on all our hoops. (except polypro, see below) This means... For online orders, if your hoop breaks we'll pay for shipping (both ways, from within Canada) to get it to the shop for repair and back to you!  If you want to swap your new hoop for one of a different size or colour, you'll pay for shipping it back to our Toronto workshop, and we'll pay for the shipping back to you. For locals, we want to repair your hoop as quickly as possible. This may mean coming to our workshop, or dropping the hoop at a retailer - contact us to figure out the details. We'll repair your hoop, and tighten your bungee.  We also will exchange a hoop in new condition for one of a different colour or size. The bungee inside our ninja hoops will relax a little as the hoop ages. This will mean it gets easier to put together and take apart, and may mean that it comes apart when doing high-impact intermediate moves like learning to knee hoop, or very fast reverses. It should not come apart during your average hoop session, please let us know if yours does so that we can replace it or talk you through tightening! We offer a 6 month warranty on the polypro hoops! The polypro tubing does not like winter, and has a tendency to shatter with high impact! We know -- it's tricky -- the stiffness of these hoops makes them feel indestructible!   If your hoop does crack, we can fix it by making it into a smaller hoop! If your hoop breaks and it's past the warranty - please still let us know! We are still able to fix it, and want to get you spinning again, or fix the hoop so it can be passed on to an excited friend. If you want your hoop looking shiny and new, we can retape the hoops, contact us!   Hoop Recall! - We've had hoops coming back to us with loose connectors - from a bad batch of glue this spring (*shakes fist at winter*).  If your connectors are loose in your ninja hoop - get it back to us and we'll replace them before they break! - If you purchased a hoop from us in 2009-ish that has beige connectors, we'd like to replace those! We found that the plastic can't handle the temperature change here, and cracks after 6-12 months of use. Let us know and we'll fix it as soon as we can.    

Talk to Us!

We're making hoops to spread happy, and if you're not happy, then what's the point?  We love to hear what you think of our hoops and classes, good and bad, because we're continuously improving what we do. We're not a big business with R&D teams, so we rely on your feedback to know how we're doing! Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or compliments. We love getting pictures of our hoops on adventures!