High Performance Hoops

High Performance Hoops


These are super sleek and super light hoops!

Experienced hoopers will appreciate the speed and sharpness that these high performance hoops bring out in their hoop dance. At first, the responsiveness of the hoops makes them a little unpredictable! As you spend time in the hoop, you’ll notice that your breaks, reverses, isolations, pops, and palm spins become cleaner and more in control.  You’ll be able to increase the speed of your hand hooping, and will be able to comfortably hand hoop for longer.

Each hoop comes with a push-button connection, so that you may carefully coil them down for once-in-a-while travel.

These hoops come in your favourite size, pick one of the popular sizes below or let us know your custom size.  You can also choose to have your hoop with just grip on the inside – a ‘plain white hoop’ – or you can have it taped in gorgeous glitzy sparkle tapes (let us know your colours in the checkout notes, or by email).

We now also have coloured tubing! Our purple tubing is made by Ecohoops from 100% post-consumer plastic.  These hoops come with coordinating inside grip (unless you tell us otherwise)

Scroll down to “Product Description” for more about tubing and taping!

Please note – these high performance hoops are too light for adults learning to hoop on the waist.




We custom tape every high performance hoop, contact us to design yours.  Our favourite way to tape these is with SOLID SPARKLE (with inside grip) for a sleek look, smooth feeling, and high-impact shine.  The most popular colours for these hoops are the colour changing tapes and the mirror tapes – especially gold and purple.

We use high density polyethylene (HDPE) tubing for these hoops (5/8″ ID, 3/4″OD), they are the thickness of your thumb.  This tubing is light and responsive, just like the more common polypropylene, and it’s less likely to shatter in cold temperatures.  We can only tell the difference between hdpe and polypro when we’re using them side-by-side, the hdpe has a slightly more ‘solid’ feel and the polypro feels slightly more ‘springy’.  We do have polypro available upon request

Both hdpe and polypro will keep their stiffness when hanging out on hot sandy beaches. But please don’t leave them in hot hot cars, they will warp. When the tape and connectors are removed, hdpe is #2 recyclable and polypro is #5 recyclable.

Each hoop has a push button connection and can be gently coiled into a smaller circle, if you need to fit it into a suitcase.  If your hoop is shipped to you, it will arrive coiled.  Add patience to these instructions and you will be able to shape it into a perfect circle.

If you would like a hoop for daily collapsing, go for the Butterfly (for small sizes) or Adult Travel hoops (for beginners and core hooping).

Additional information

Weight .291 kg
Dimensions 48 x 55 x 6 cm
What colour?

plain white hoop, purple ecohoop, super sparkled hoop!!

What size?

34, 36, 38, custom